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Punta Tierra Blanca is not for the luxurious vacationers.

It is for the experiential travelers seeking adventures, the curious nomads and intrepid explorers.

Those who would..

Wake up to the crowing rooster and stretch to the raging sun. Rush to crowd of fishermen and haggle for the jelly-belly catch. Smell the aroma of dark 'kape'' and skip the English Tea. Dine ''almusal'' with fried rice 'n dried fish duo and heck the smell of naturally oily meal! Eat with one's hand and warm up to the banquet's unconventional dining style.

Mingle and chat with locals, off from the ''likes'' and ''tweets'' of unbroken social media.Teach French or Spanish. Learn Tagalog. Read a book. Take photos. Stay in love with nature. Exploit the muted kitchen and cook. Feast upon local harvest. Farm to market. Nap and laze on the woven mat, forget the fancy Egyptian Cotton sheets.

Cuddle the small cushiony pillows. We are low-key. Snore. Kill Time.

Roll out. Hike. Stroll the undeveloped beach. Swim barefoot. Catch a fish. Explore a new island. Watch the sunset. Party with the fireflies. Could care less. Be yourself. End the day. Disconnect. Welcome the moon and cheers to the stars.

You are not mainstream. You are spontaneous.

Tara na!

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